We mainly grow through study—a true “spiritual need”—and through emotions. Each of our parts needs nourishment: the divinity within needs to feel that it exists in a harmonious exchange between “high” and “low” planes of existence; the psychological part needs to feel richness in the relationships with others and the environment; the body needs to express its own propulsion and not feel neglected.

Through this path, we can guide changes to our character and behavior. Through frank conversations with ourselves –meaning an open dialog between our personalities– we can slowly overcome big and small egoisms, big and small fears, laziness and judgement to let our generosity, compassion and talents express themselves. This is how we relax the mind and release anxiety.

Study -at the same level as research- is an important key to open the door to the soul. To know, to examine through personal research and knowledge obtained through the research of others, and to teach through the big and small laws that move life and the universe moves us as well and takes us toward areas of the spirit that, while teaching us to grow, also give us pleasure. To study gives us the indispensable means to read reality and educate the interpretations each tool can give. Each of us lives in our own quasi-reality-in the world of perception and personal interpretation.

Until the process of perception/interpretation can create bridges between others and ourselves —avoiding the opposite, such as creating a barrier between us and others— study is necessary, because it is capable of providing a number of interpretative parameters to make us open to different perceptions/ interpretations.
Freedom is the path that awaits the human being in this era—freedom “of” the material, more than freedom “from” the material because

the material represents one part of our dimension and not an impediment to its actualization.

To re-evaluate physicality and the malleable energy of our bodies is the first step in this process. Our spiritual development occurs even, and most of all, when we move our hands —while we work— in any moment of our lives where we are aware of what we are doing.

Study is not just with the mind, but also with the body. You need to take care of the temple of the spirit and practice healthy habits, “listening” to the responses that each organism gives in response to the stimulus we choose to provide. Even this is a way to study. Falco designed and developed—together with Damanhurian researchers—some techniques to amplify perception, starting with the physical body and expanding our energetic components. The most widespread of these is Inner Harmonization, based on contact with your subtle parts, adonajba, microlines, aura and so forth— through sensory perception. It is more important to do small things daily, moments of meditation, than to create exceptional situations in order to have extraordinary visions and sensations.

Falco loved to remind us that:

“… we meditate 24 hours a day”

meaning that we don’t have to modify the things we do, but instead the attitude with which we do them.

Excerpt from the Book: Falco Tarassaco the Dream the Message written by Stambecco Pesco

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