The Oracle of December is dedicated to dreams that can become more dense as open channels, bringing messages and revelations useful to the world.

The answer of the Oracle:

Messages from the beyond from Peoples,
ancient artifacts symbologies
objects in reception and use.
For the alchemical work,
erase hypocrisies and gossip,
unkind words and thoughts,
judgment without comfort.
Partially hidden Epagomenal days
Delicate cases and legal issues
Divine human gifts to unfold.
Recompositions in oneself
Sublimated aspects of masculine and feminine.
Constellations of fires and stars, trees in tune.
Hearing voices from the cosmos and send complete message.
Captured signals originate new research.
Stellar Cat and Lioness are present and observe.
In the time fabric,
infesting species are expanding, intruders.
Whistle calls to Forces and Allies, new and ancient enlistments
together in the race.
In the dream, maps
Spheres in the world will tend the necessary network,
the voices of peoples united in network.
Animals awakening with Pan bridges.
The solar cycle ignites tumultuous energies,
Calm the eruptive and agitated states
of natural events
with the necessary force.
Practice in directing the subtle spiritual energetic sails
to ride the right wave.