Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven(social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


663 – A specialization. A course. A State of consciousness. A new problem. Pleasure of the fight.
2 – The fight outside of pettiness and for great ideals rejuvenates and invigorates you!


462 – Try to hide your own cowardice. Pride and presumption. Look at what you are hiding.
6 – Being ready to pay, no matter what.


553 – Division. Breaking apart to unite. Burnt wood. Health of neighbors diminished.
2 – Do not be scared. Consume yourself.


513 – Underground. Much air. Dig and find Gold.
6 – Strolling under water from the sky is deeply synchronic to you.


245 – The Earth is never stingy. When the light does not come in through the door, it comes in through the windows. Green.
6 – Begin a new undertaking. Favorable prospects.


616 – Images. An apparent reversal is positive. Synchronic Object.
4 – A new coin brings synchronicity. Keep it.


613 Encounters. New conversations with old acquaintances. You will notice your changes.
2 – Memories. The measure of changes.


515 – Meditation on any subject will bring your mind back to your Problem. Distraction.
1 – Learn to concentrate.


212 – By sighing, you are not building. Others are also timid!
1 – Duplicity. Examination of conscience.


242 – Death. Renewal. Close to you.
1 – Do not fear. Trustful waiting.


333 – Balance is the golden mean. You are protected. Every effort will be rewarded. The right duty is Sattvic.
6 – The law is with you. Be just.


614 – Add a tone of two days to your biorhythm. Sensitive seasonal and lunar changes for you.
3 – You are not well. You must give yourself more order.

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