The Oracle of May is dedicated to the spiritual intelligence of humanity which manifests itself in planetary healing and a true understanding of the overall design. Courageous choices. Return to the essence, to purity. Union among peoples.

The answer of the Oracle:

Halj. The program is always.
From the depths the god communicates.
Masculine and feminine united,
complementary conscious uniqueness.
Unite the divided parts,
overcome the shadows in you.
Seal of humanity,
rest on friendship.
Harmony like the life breath of trees,
conscious life.
Smoke in the eyes, hypnotized,
the swamps are stagnating you.
Neither linear nor circular solution,
nor settle for a third way,
Dare to go further.
A small big deviation
of the direction determines flow
with new reach and coloring of events.
Alliances with others to seek,
respectful, manifest.
Groups ready.
That which you move now is the seed
that germinates in the world.
Listening to the essence, being, been.