In these months, we have learned to be more patient, to have a greater appreciation for closeness with others, to do without things that are not so important, and to hold on to the ones that are most meaningful to us. An unexpected virus that is hard to contain has made it possible for us to remember some things that we had forgotten.

In our part of the world, the virus is starting to ease its pressure now, although it is important not to throw ourselves headlong into life as it was before. It is important to hold the important things in our hearts, to love the people close to us, to understand what really matters to us, not because an emergency is forcing us to do so, but because we have understood that this is what we desire.

This month, Damanhur’s message comes through the example of Musman, which is the collective name of some Tibetan feminine divinities, connected to the mountains, and because of this also to heights and silence. The value of silence that we have rediscovered during this period of distancing is one of the gifts that we can continue to carry with us. A silence full of inner voices, of inspiration, of new, serene and strong intentions.

A maggio a Damanhur festeggiamo insieme il Compleanno del Popolo spirituale che si è formato intorno all’insegnamento di Falco Tarassaco al Popolo, a te, a tutti noi, giunga l’augurio d un nuovo anno di maggiore consapevolezza e presenza. E a Falco Tarassaco, che avrebbe compiuto 70 anni il 29 maggio, giungano i nostri auguri di buon compleanno: su qualunque piano sia, quel giorno sarà presente nei pensieri di tutti noi.

In Damanhur in the month of May, we celebrate the birthday of the Popolo Spirituale (Spiritual People), which was developed through the teachings of Falco Tarassaco. To the Popolo, to you, and to all of us, we offer the wish for a new year of greater awareness and presence. To Falco Tarassaco, who would have turned 70 years old on May 29th, 2020, we send our best wishes for a happy birthday; wherever he may be, on whatever plane, he will be with us in our thoughts that day.