Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Moment of synthesis, the ultimate now manifested.
Open divine eye to stare at those who escaped in the meshes of time.
The faithful continue to trace, with the strength of hope and love.
Expect nothing. Reward in the action for the creation of form. Molecules of an adversenature wear thin life and the environment.
Become aware of the mechanisms of planet earth. Become its priest. Bow down to the earth.
Burdens and purification. No walls. No slanders and exacerbations of quasi-real beliefs that open to madness
Direct compassionate prayers directed.
Do not detach from the world around. Turmoil. Of humans and earth. Gloomy sky. Darkness. Earthly purges.
Open to sensitive groups.
Help doctors and give value to their work.
Control mental states related to a sense of helpnessless.
Spiritual retreats to look inward and deep. Being – divinity in pectore.
Incoming noble elements in arriving souls.
Wars on different planes. Collective action, soon.
Formula to dissolve attacks.
Emotions, smiles, lifting souls change planes of reality. Joy always and in any case.