The Popolo Spirituale comes forth from the deep sentiment of being able to share our spiritual ideals, weaving connections among souls from different cultures and geographic areas.

The Popolo Spirituale is an extension of the concept of the Damanhurian Popolo, and participation is open to anyone who wishes to contribute—according to their own beliefs—to the spiritual and material growth of the planet through solidarity, mutual respect and love for the environment.

Today, people from all over the world who practice diverse philosophies and beliefs are part of the Popolo Spirituale. What we have in common is the desire to grow, respect all beings and cultures, and seek new questions and new answers. The Popolo is a container of ideals for each one of us – on our own secular, spiritual, religious pathways – to feel united with others, as one.

A collective entity and container of emotions and values

The Popolo Spirituale is a collective entity, alive and in constant evolution, which arises from the integration of the characteristics, experiences and aspirations of all those who choose to join. It energetically connects its members, contains their experiences and allows them to be shared amongst all who take part.
In Damanhur’s philosophy, a super-entity of this kind has a much more extensive intelligence and resources than what would result from the sum of its individual members. We can compare the People to a human body where everyone is a cell, and through interaction with other cells, it develops functions that would otherwise be unthinkable.
Being a Popolo means sharing ideals, culture, art, and creating a model of life in accordance with our principles. We value diversity and integrate it into a common dream: the reawakening of humanity. The Popolo Spirituale is a reservoir of spiritual strength, and those who choose to join can receive energy and inspiration from it.
At a time in history when many cultures are disappearing and with them, a large part of the spiritual and cultural wealth of humanity, Damanhur has chosen to create this new group of people. With their own philosophical, artistic, social and cultural expression, the Popolo offers a significant contribution to the history of humanity.
Taking part in the Popolo is open to spiritual researchers from all over the world. It is for those who feel an alignment with the objectives of Damanhur, and anyone who wants to take this opportunity to connect with others and be a point of light on the planet.

Participation: many ways to participate in the Popolo, from near or far

Becoming part of the Popolo Spirituale is very simple: contacting us will make it possible to establish a first contact and receive more detailed information. At some point, it is important to come and visit us at Damanhur. Participation in the Popolo does not depend on being a citizen and living in the community, yet it is important to directly know the place where it all originates, and for us to get to know you!

A simple and intimate entrance ceremony creates the connection with the Popolo. During this ceremony, which takes less than half an hour, you will receive a bracelet that keeps you in contact – both symbolically and energetically – with the entire Popolo.

The members of the Popolo are also connected in a practical way through an exchange network that keeps everyone updated on news of the Popolo and its members. In this way, we help each other out with a sense of mutual support and caring. Those who are part of the Popolo Spirituale think positively and optimistically, giving energy to events that are positive for the future of the planet and its inhabitants, both as individuals and in groups.

Members of the Popolo Spirituale:
* Think positively of himself/herself and others.
* Nourish the union with the other members of the Popolo, and does what he/she can to support them through trust, respect, clarity and solidarity.
* Believe in the value of the continuous inner transformation.
* Know how to accept and appreciate diversity.
* Base his/her relationship with the environment and others on values of spirituality, research and ecology; he/she respects and conserves resources and avoids all forms of pollution and waste as much as possible.
* Promote and disseminate these principles so that others can share them and create a network of “points of light” around the planet.

Would you like to become part of the Popolo Spirituale? Write to us in the comments below.