In Damanhur it often happens that you hear strange, sometimes incomprehensible terms. One of these terms is tree “orientation.”

Last week while I was walking around Damjl – our capital – a man stopped in front of an apple tree with a perplexed look said to me, “Excuse me, can you please explain how your technique of tree orientation works?

All the plants I have seen here seem to grow exactly like all the others.” In that moment I realized that it could be useful to have a little dictionary for our guests to better explain what we mean by certain words. Tree orientation is a project with the intention of reactivating the deep connection between trees and human beings, to recuperate the ancient alliance that united these very different species. Trees, through their specific sensitivity and intelligence, are able to weave the tightest network of connections that exists on the planet. They are the largest and most powerful “living computers” on earth. For us humans, re-establishing a spiritual connection with these beings is a way to recuperate an important part of our collective soul. We have long forgotten that we are all part of the same spiritual ecosystem, and our survival depends on the presence of these extraordinary beings, and our evolution depends on it as well.

Today, tree orientation involves hundreds of people around the world who are passionate about this mission. They use specifically prepared Selfica pendulum serves as a mediator between human energies and those of the plant world. By using this pendulum, they create a field of coherence between humans and trees, recuperating their capacity to fully connect with each other. Once there are enough trees oriented in an area, the energy of that area increases so much that the trees themselves are able to send a superior vibration to all the plants around, through the tight weaving of their roots. The entire area is reinvigorated by a more elevated vibration of healing for all human beings and the surrounding nature.

Once it has reached a sufficient critical mass of oriented trees, this project will make it possible for trees to potentiate their capacity of actively transforming the ecosystem, adapting their form and function. The undersea flora will be able to adapt more rapidly and become more resistant to the increasing acidity of the ocean, with positive effects on the delicate equilibrium of plankton, at risk due to compromised climate conditions.

In other words, through tree orientation, trees will be able to adapt themselves more effectively to the increasing ecological degradation and to actively interact with other species, including humans, to generate creative responses and solutions. The current planetary crisis can only be resolved through the union of diverse species and forces. This is the awareness that motivates all the supporters of the Global Tree Network!

What do you think of this project? Do you feel passionate about the idea of participating in this network? Leave us a comment!