Here are some more insights on spiritual nutrition from ‘The Little Dietary Gospel,’ (found in one of Falco’s books, the Seven Scarlet Doors). It’s a text that has influenced how Damanhurians relate to food as connection with the ecosystem, respect for nature, expansion of the spirit and preparation for magic and alchemy:

You shall feed yourselves as such:

Eating things together that come from: the sky, the surface of the earth, underground.

Let colors prevail.

Animal products, milk, eggs.

First the meat of small animals and toward the end of the meal, meat of increasingly larger animals. But meat is never to exceed more than one quarter of plant based foods.

Let those who prepare the food be pure.

Let what must be killed be respected.

Let the tree that is cut down receive the rite of good sacrifice so that it may conserve its essence and transmigrate into a plant or young seed, when it is planted on free land.

Never cut away too much, never leave too much. Let Humankind be the element of equilibrium among the species and not a predator.

The banks where water flows are to be cleaned, to cultivate plants that love flowing water.

Let what loves the shade have shade, what loves the sun have the sun.

You are to nourish yourselves with variety rather than quantity.

Let everything that can be cultivated in harmony be cultivated, farmed, selected, whether they be mushrooms, insects, herbs, plants, fish, amphibians or animals of every species. In exchange for protecting the species, Humankind may justly gather what forms are needed and their products to nourish oneself.

Living in the spirit of ‘The Little Dietary Gospel’ it’s connecting to ancient ways that many indigenous and tribal cultures have practiced and still practice. It’s funny to think about how growing up in America, I was taught about the ‘four basic food groups’ as the only measure for a ‘balanced’ diet. Focusing on what’s on my plate and not on where it came from, how it got there, if it will still be there tomorrow or in seven generations – the importance of honoring the resources and natural forces that provide me with life and sustenance. This kind of equilibrium goes well beyond a four quadrant diagram. It’s recognizing my place in a spiritual ecosystem, with awareness and gratitude.

Quaglia Cocco

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