Here’s the last in this three-part series on food, nutrition and relating to the earth’s natural resources, with thoughts from ‘The Little Dietary Gospel’ (found in one of Falco’s books, the Seven Scarlet Doors):

Every evolved species accepts the sacrifice of the individual to better the race, and humankind is the balancer between the species. But do not let the so-called harmful species be destroyed, rather keep them at a distance, unless they are too much of a threat to whatever humankind protects. Often a species harmful as food is useful for the health of humans, in a different way. May humankind know how to search, intuit, envision and carefully try out ideas and discoveries.

Strive to live off everything, without waste. Humankind, with intelligence, having paid due tributes, knows how to make use of everything, with respect. Each thing that is thrown away – only because it is considered useless – is a defeat of our human intelligence and an offense against the Gods. Intelligence knows how to make use even of fish bone, or the shell of a snail.

Then there are things that humankind makes that do not exist in nature. Nature accepts those things that she can receive back to nature, and she disdains those that are ‘indigestible,’ until they become so. Let these materials be used with great parsimony and let them be used until they are completely consumed.

The road that humans are going down right now is at the limit of what is natural, and without intelligence, the ‘new’ becomes poison.

Let Humankind reclaim every poison with the broadest possible way of thinking, let humans not limit their own intelligence with immediate things to the detriment of balance and duration.

Let humans be curious and seek out as much as their nature allows, but without the violence generated by immediate profit.

May humankind respect human beings at every age.

And may all those who help out, in health, in every activity that is consonant with humankind, may he remember that he is part of a whole.

Humankind is close to the Divine, using vision of things from a point of view beyond themselves – a broader and more refined vision – before one’s own subjective vision.

The approach to holistic living from the ‘Little Dietary Gospel goes well beyond food. And I feel it’s effects. For instance, wearing clothes made by the artists in the Damanhur community, singing our songs, having Selfic paintings on the walls, I feel the difference in the energy of my connection to the material world and frequencies around me, really feeling the source of things. It’s bringing the divine into everyday life and choices. Honoring the value of the things around us. Ecology as a spiritual necessity.

Quaglia Cocco

What do you do to reuse things that would otherwise be throw away? Creative ideas? Share in the comments.

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