Josh is a young vlogger with a passion for exploring mysterious places, and he has a youtube channel called “Exploring with Josh” with more than 1,950,000 subscribers. When he came to Damanhur, he told us that he has wanted to visit the Temples of Humankind for a long time because he is fascinated by their beauty and the research about time that we have been doing over the years.

He asked many questions and we responded to them, explaining that in order to understand the principles that govern this universe that we live in, it is useful to deepen the study of Spiritual Physics.

Intrigued by paranormal phenomena, we suggested that he read the book Stories of an Alchemist, written by the founder of Damanhur, Falco Tarassaco. In this book, Falco recounts the various stages of reawakening his memories, and the incredible adventures that he experienced during his childhood.

See you soon Josh!
Please come back in 2018 for the 40th anniversary of the Temples of Humankind!