Talking to plants can be a game, a beautiful dream or even a form of meditation. It may be an ability that we discover we have by chance one day, while we reflect on something important, talking out loud about it on our own, as if to clarify our thoughts by expressing them in words, and then we realize, surprisingly, that it came naturally to us to turn to and communicate with the potted plants that share our home with us.

More or less, everyone has a plant at home, which we take care of so that it has enough water and light. For some, it is just a decoration, like a painting or a trinket, but more and more, the times are changing and people are beginning to understand that house plants are like animals, living creatures, which need to be taken care of from a practical point of view but which can also become a reference point as a conscious, thinking being.

There are many ways to contact them. Those who love music and want to experiment in this direction, can find in the Bamboo equipment a precious tool to teach plants to play and sing along with them, while those who like to experience another level of communication can try talking directly to the fig tree, the orchid, or to the rose bush.

To perceive what is true

Talking to plants, and feeling that from their part there is a form of perception of our thoughts is not difficult.
First of all we need to want to do it, we need to have sincerity and passion and just try to do it. Plants perceive what is true while they are not aware of what is done without a conscious commitment.
It is then necessary to spend some time learning how to contact them, because the perception times of a plant or vegetable are a little slower than ours, they take some time to get going. It is not necessary to sit cross-legged for hours to be perceived, but it is not useful to throw words into the wind, as we would do with a person, speaking to them as we move from one room to another.

Plant, music, communication

More importantly, we need to decide what we want. Talking with plants can be many different things: a way to draw out thoughts that we have when we are among others, to deal with a very different intelligence about questions and problems we have in mind, or to deal with the challenges of life using an unusual logic.

A mute mirror?

Let’s talk about what the plants are not: a mirror. We are not talking to ourselves, as we sometimes do when we look at old photographs, but it is certainly a way to exchange and share. From the plants may come answers, perhaps images that are formed in our mind, sensations or ideas that we did not have before and that are now there instead. Perhaps dreams will arrive that have manifested in the night … and the plants respond, otherwise it would not make sense to talk about actual communication, we would just be talking to a mirror.
We must be attentive and willing to listen for the answers. We cannot take for granted that a certain thought that we had came from ourselves, or that the feeling is due to a memory. In other words, we do not always reduce everything, we are not afraid to verify that really, that green creature in the window has understood our emotions and shared with us their own!

Communicate better with humans

Being friends with your plants is a beautiful and precious process that can make us discover so many things, both of ourselves and of life around us. Falco Tarassaco has always encouraged the Damanhurians to explore these themes, to gain direct experience, also creating courses to learn more.

There is a fundamental aspect that must be emphasized. Talking with plants can also teach us to communicate better with other human beings. It is not an alternative of course. One must not think ‘I cannot communicate to humans, so I will communicate with plants’. On the contrary, it is an encouragement to discover how beautiful and enriching it is to communicate, always, and with many different forms of life. So let’s do it above all with our fellow humans, while we also do it also with our plants!